October 15, 2018

As a citizen casting your vote, you have certain rights. If you are concerned your right to vote may be questioned or your vote suppressed check out 866 Our Vote so you know all your rights and how to advocate for them. You can always call the Election Protection Hotline at (866) 687-8683 if your right to vote is contested.

When you vote you have the right to:

  1. Vote and have your vote accurately counted
  2. Cast your ballot if you are in line when polls close
  3. Ask for and receive assistance in voting
  4. Receive up to two replacement ballots if you make a mistake prior to the ballot being cast
  5. An explanation if your registration or identity is in question
  6. Cast a provisional ballot if your voting eligibility is in question
  7. Written instructions to use when voting, and, upon request, oral instructions in voting from elections officers
  8. Vote free from coercion or intimidation by elections officers or any other person.
  9. Vote on a voting system that is in working condition and that will allow votes to be accurately cast