Our Organization


We’re young people intent on fully engaging our generation (and the next) in our local democracy so that we have a future in Miami that is more just, democratic, and sustainable.

Engage Miami takes down barriers and builds bridges to equitable civic leadership through voter registration, civic education, and organizing campaigns on the issues that matter to young people in Miami. We’re building political power for young people in South Florida so we can make sure the future is better for everyone, and it’s working.

Voters who pledged to vote with Engage Miami turned out to vote in the 2018 midterms at a rate of 65.7%, beating the overall turnout of the state and showing young people can and will turn out to vote when we invest in their civic leadership and power.

In the 2020 cycle we are making more than a million phone calls to young voters getting them registered to vote and signed up for vote-by-mail so they can cast their ballots in 2020. Our civic education makes sure that young people know their power and are not left out of elections and advocacy due to a lack of access. We believe knowledge is power and we are the leaders we need. We’re changing the narrative to make sure young people are front and center and that our values and vision are a powerful force for civic change.