Our Organization


We’re young people intent on fully engaging our generation (and the next) in our local democracy so that we have a future in Miami that is more just, democratic, and sustainable.

Our goal is to cultivate a generation of thoughtful citizens who will work to make their community vibrant and participatory, with local government and residents in harmony. To get there we’re reimagining what civic participation looks like for 21st Century Miami—right down to how information gets communicated and how we organize. Look for us in the streets, the classroom, the park and maybe even an office or two hard at work fostering a participatory citizenry.


The heart of what we do relies on our fantastic organizers who are out in our college campuses and in the community working with young people to ignite their civic imagination and link their ideas to local possibilities. We work to engage these young people within their community so that they begin really being part of creating better solutions and a truly representative local government.


Don’t rely on our words alone, check out the early impact we’ve had by the numbers.

In 2018 our organizers registered over 7,000 young voters, pledged over 6,000 to vote, and knocked on 4,000 doors in neighborhoods where turnout rates are low.  Plus we’ve distributed over 15,000 educational voter guidebooks in elections at all levels so that young people can easily decipher what candidates stand for and understand the basics of how government is formed.

81% of the young voters we contacted in 2016 turned out to vote, beating overall turnout for Miami-Dade County (72.4%) by over 8%. The voters we contacted also highest turnout for any age group under 35 in Florida (54.5% for 18-21 year olds) by over 26%.