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January Commission Digest

February 12, 2019

It’s a new year and we’ve got a newly arranged County Commission; Commissioner Bovo stepped down as chair, while Commissioner Audrey Edmonson was appointed Chair along with Rebecca Sosa as Vice-Chair. Commission chairs change over every two years as do the makeup of committees. The new Chair retires the present committees and then announces their own committee structure and committee Chair appointments….

December Commission Digest

January 17, 2019

The Miami Dade County Commission ended 2018 with a focus on roads, transportation, and infrastructure – including the painfully long lasting Flagler construction project (they passed three separate items aimed at addressing the dangerous roadway conditions posed by the construction, among other issues). Our countywide elected officials also raised parking fines for the first time…

November Commission Digest

December 13, 2018

The County Commission did not have a regular meeting in November, so instead we followed the happenings in a few of the commission’s committees —Transportation and Public Works, Zoning, and Housing and Social Services. Transportation and Public Works On November 16th, the Transportation and Public Works Committee convened and spent time discussing an item brought…

September Commission Digest

October 22, 2018

Much of the county commission’s activity in September was spent finalizing next year’s budget. By late summer, most parts of the budget were set in stone with the exception of a few items. Standout parts of the budget included a proposed change to the wastewater rate, the Mayor’s proposal to create nine police Priority Response…

July Commission Digest

September 5, 2018

Heading into August recess, the July commission got through a lot of business, although they did defer the vote on whether to support metrorail expansion, the option strongly preferred by most of South Dade, or the mayor’s favored transit plan for rapid bus transit —which was ultimately approved by the Transportation Planning Organization at the end of August (a board that all commissioners sit on)….

May Commission Digest

June 1, 2018

The commission held two general commission meetings, plus zoning hearings and other meetings in May (find meeting minutes here). It was a busy month and a lot of important items were approved that will affect residents’ lives. Read on for tidy summaries of the major items with links to additional coverage so you can stay…

April Commission Digest

April 28, 2018

Several notable items were voted on at the April 10 meeting (view the full commission minutes here). The commission approved (10-1) an agreement between the county and FP&L for a water reuse facility that will process wastewater to be used for the cooling canals. This item has generated its fair share of controversy, with environmentalists…

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