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Find your polling location on election day, get your sample ballot, find your district and who’s running in it at Vote 411, and read on for all the ways you can vote in the general election.


Check out our 2018 midterm voter guide designed to prepare you for voting in the midterm election this year. Within this nonpartisan booklet you’ll find information about voting history, the elected offices candidates are campaigning for, and a refresher on the branches of government so you can walk into the voting booth prepared and confident in your decisions. We’ve also got a detailed look at the amendments on the ballot this year that provides context and history so you’re able to make a more informed choice at the ballot box.

The ballot this year is long and Floridians have a lot of decisions to make about our future, but you’re in luck because our guide covers the majority of the races and issues up for vote (but not everything!), so it is important to preview your ballot and check out any additional races or other items such as special elections.

Our voter guide includes responses to our questionnaire, which was sent to all candidates in the races we’re covering; candidates who responded have a badge with a checkmark by their name. For candidates who chose not to respond, we determined their positions based on public statements and/or their voting record. If their position could not be determined that is noted as well.


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You Can Vote by Mail!

Not enthused about waiting in line to vote? Do it from the comfort of your bed or couch with a mail-in ballot. You can request your ballot be sent to you by mail up until 6 days before the election; that’s by October 31st for the General Election.

When mailing your ballot back, make sure you get it in the mail in time for it to be received by the Elections department by 7:00pm on election day. We recommend sending it in at least 2 days before the election.

Want a step by step guide to vote by mail? Check out the Florida elections page, it’s quite detailed.

You Can Vote Early!

Get voting done before election day at a location near you. During the General Election you can vote from October 22nd— November 4th. Not sure where your early voting location is? Find the one closest to you or check out our map with all the locations below. Make sure you have the ID you need if you are voting in person during Early Voting. Current identification with your name, photo, and signature is required to vote in person.

You Can Vote on Election Day!

The General Election is on November 06th. On election day polling sites are open from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Not sure where your closest voting location is? Look it up hereMake sure you have the ID you need if you are voting in person during on Election Day. Current identification with your name, photo, and signature is required to vote in person. You can also bring in two forms of ID that together have all three required identifiers (ex. a current student ID with your picture and a debit card that has your signature). If you are not able to show the required identification or your eligibility to vote cannot be determined, you have the right to vote through a Provisional Ballot that will be verified as a vote at a later time.