County Government

July Commission Digest

September 5, 2018

Heading into August recess, the July commission got through a lot of business, although they did defer the vote on whether to support metrorail expansion, the option strongly preferred by most of South Dade, or the mayor’s favored transit plan for rapid bus transit —which was ultimately approved by the Transportation Planning Organization at the end of August (a board that all commissioners sit on). Read on below for a quick rundown of what happened at the main commission meetings on July 24th and July 10th.

Commissioner Cava sponsored an ordinance that integrates municipal transit information with the county’s transit systems, which will include unifying it into the county’s transit tracker app, increasing the ease of using public transit. The ordinance is moving ahead after the first reading was approved in a 12-0 vote on July 10th.

Living wage stipulations were adopted July 10th on the first reading (in a 12-0 vote) and approved on July 24th that extend a living wage to certain airport concession workers. This is narrower amendment stems from a broader living wage ordinance that Commissioner Jordan attempted to pass earlier in the year.

In Hialeah Gardens, the purchase of a mobile command center to expand the general investigations unit was approved (11-0) on July 10th; the GO bond was significantly modified to pay for expansion.

After several deferrals the Kayak ramp and new seawall permit at Spring Point Park was approved in a 9-0 vote on July 10th.

The Commission voted 10-0 on July 10th to put Charter Amendment 6, which relates to petition collection, on the Nov 6th ballot.

More progress on the civil courthouse happened on July 24th when the commission unanimously approved (10-0) the Flagler courthouse as the site for the civil courthouse. See our April digest for more details on the ongoing courthouse item.

Commissioners Martinez and Souto co-sponsored a resolution (which passed 10-0) directing that the current code be enforced on unattended bicycles left in the right-of-way and for mayor to provide a report on this matter. Commissioner Sosa was particularly concerned about dockless bike company bicycles left on the sidewalk.