County Government

Charter Task Force Update

July 8, 2018

On June 5th the commission accepted the Charter Task Force report and met June 26th for a special hearing on what the commission wanted to advance to the ballot for voters to decide on. Below is each proposed recommendation along with the commission’s vote. For more details on the proposed amendments read our article breaking them down one by one.

Commissioner Compensation

Increase Commissioner salaries to the amount set by the State formula for county commissioner salaries (currently calculated to be $99,997) and establish an independent salary commission.
FAILED to advance to ballot 5-6

Nonpartisan Elections

Provide that elections for Office of the Clerk of Courts be nonpartisan.
ADVANCED to ballot 11-0

Election and Commencement of Terms of County Commissioners

Repeal term limits for County Commissioners.
FAILED to advance to ballot 5-6

Commission Office of Budget and Management

Change the name of the Office of Commission Auditor to the Commission of the Office of Budget and Research and remove the requirement that the Director be a certified public accountant.
FAILED to advance to ballot 5-6

Forfeiture of Office of County Elected and Appointed Officials and Employees

Limit the requirement for a County appointed official or employee of the County who qualifies as a candidate for elective office to take a leave of absence and, if elected to forfeit his or her County position, only to those who qualify for County elective office.
ADVANCED to ballot 8-3

Initiative and Referendum

Provide that the County Commission shall determine the legal sufficiency of citizen Initiative and Referendum petitions prior to collection of signatures.
STATUS: Item amended

Election and Commencement of the Mayor and County Commissioners

Amend the Charter to provide that the names of unopposed candidates for Mayor and County Commissioners shall not appear on the runoff election ballot and a runoff election shall not take place. Each unopposed candidate shall be deemed to have voted for himself or herself. No votes cast in favor of any candidate who withdraws or becomes disqualified or deceased prior to any election shall be counted. In the event that no candidate has qualified for Mayor or County Commissioner, a vacancy shall be deemed to have occurred, and shall be filled as provided by this Charter for the filling of a vacancy.
ADVANCED to ballot 11-0